"a chalk pit where cowslips bloomed"

The idea of The Long View has been building in my mind for a while. I don't know exactly what 'it' is, but I know what has shaped it recently. Becoming a mum, going through lockdowns (with and without family and friends), seeing people rage against the status quo and restarting my business in the midst of it all are just some of the small events that have had an impact.

In fact, I'd go so far to say that the last couple of years has fundamentally changed the way I think. I can't see things as they were before. Different things feel much more significant and other things seem no longer relevant. It sounds vague, but that's because the topic is so huge, which is why I wanted to start this blog/diary/sketch book. I wanted to put my thoughts in posts to give the seeds some space, and see what blooms.

Yep, there's nothing quite like a global pandemic to make you think.

Now it's time to do. A blog. For now.

House off St John's Lane, Bristol. July 2021.

Wessex Water Magazine, Autumn Winter 2021.

"Wessex Rivers Trust is an environmental charity dedicated to the conservation of chalk streams in Wessex, working towards healthy rivers for wildlife and people. We look at ways to improve local rivers for wildlife and work within catchment partnerships to help achieve their aims. Educating the public about the importance of our rivers increases their value to people, and ultimately builds support for the future of these fragile environments. Wessex Rivers Trust forms part of the UK’s Rivers Trust movement that has been at the forefront of influencing policy and delivering catchment-wide environmental initiatives for over 20 years. This membership places us in an excellent position to shape and deliver action for these globally important and threatened habitats. Wessex Rivers Trust works across five main catchment areas, with an office in Salisbury."

Map of catchment areas and 'About' information from https://www.wessexrt.org.uk/aboutus.html

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