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From 2025, you will no longer be able to use a landline phone in the UK. (1)

PSTN, or what we all know as the landline telephone system, has been around since 1875. The system uses traditional copper wires and telephone exchanges and was built for analogue communication. In the 1960s, the system was enhanced to allow digital transmission of voice data across its network, creating ISDN. (2)

Broadly speaking, PSTN – or Public Switched Telephone Network – is the system that is used by most residential telephone lines. It’s also used by businesses too: if you have a security or lift alarm that’s linked to a phone line in your business, then you too use PSTN. ISDN is similarly prevalent. It stands for Integrated Services Digital Network and is generally used to connect lines to a business telephone system, giving you the ability to provide a direct number for every employee or department.

Both PSTN and ISDN run through the old copper telephone network. And as such, when these copper lines are switched off, so too will the PSTN and ISDN services cease. (3)

Some of the UK’s copper telephone network is over 140-years old. Predictably, the old copper network is approaching the end of its useful life. (4)

Just to be clear, the copper switch off plan is largely related to Openreach’s own network as nobody seriously expects Virgin Media to pull their coaxial copper cables out of the ground, not least since they’ll shortly be upgraded via DOCSIS 3.1 technology to deliver top speeds of 1Gbps (50Mbps upload) across their entire network by the end of 2021. (5)

In effect, [Openreach] will need to transition more than 14 million traditional lines across the UK onto new digital services. (6)

The bottom line is that with the network is closing, any devices still connected will no longer work. So, if your intruder alarm, fire, or CCTV system is currently connected to a monitoring centre, urgent action will be required to ensure your home or business stays protected. (7)

When we talk about the impending switch off of analogue (PSTN and ISDN) telephone services, it’s easy to make the assumption that businesses are fully prepared. However, our own research indicates that, for example, 17% of large businesses are unaware that PSTN and ISDN products will no longer be sold from 2023. (8)

As time ticks on, domestic suppliers will have to offer their customers the option of migrating to the new ‘all data’ lines, and bundle a voice service as an overlay, to replace the PSTN service. These are very likely to involve new on-site hardware with analogue-to-digital converters in domestic routers to allow older handsets and equipment to be connected, plus a new range ‘VoIP’ home phones, which are likely to favour WiFi to reach distant parts of buildings. The number and the phone service itself will then be ‘ported’ from the PSTN to the overlay hosted VoIP service, hopefully with the minimum of disruption. (9)

To enable this change, we’ll need everyone in the UK from big organisations, to small local businesses, data hungry families, to elderly relatives using their landline as a lifeline to answer the call and get ready for the Upgrade to Digital Phone Lines.

The future is calling, and it's time to pick up. (10)

Don’t get left behind. (11)

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