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January 31, 2019

It's been a whole year since my last post when passers by in Bristol told me what they wanted more of and less of for 2018, and I wonder how their year panned out. A plan is one thing, but what actually materialises can be quite different. Still, a plan is a good start in my book. There's also the Law of Attraction theory that, put simply, means you get what you wish for. And it's not as barmy as it sounds since it seems logical that if you really focus your mind on what you want (and ignore what you don't), you're a whole lot more likely to get yourself a) in the right place b) at the right time. Or, at the very least, thinking positively will get you closer to what you want than if you sit at home thinking, 'Nah, that'll never work'. A bit like Sod's Law but in reverse. 


Anyway, in the spirit of just doing it, I'm starting out as I mean to go on: to focus Bristol 5 on all things photography in Bristol and the South West. I get huge enjoyment, inspiration and insight from the world of photography and the visual arts generally and I want 2019 to be about more of that. I also get a kick out of sharing what's new or interesting to me and meeting people who feel the same. Knowing something or feeling something is great. Explaining it or being able to share it with someone else is something else. So I'd like more of that in 2019 too. 


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Here's a taster of what's coming up in the next couple of posts: 











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