5 people I met on a 30-minute walk to Totterdown on the hottest day since 1976

Yesterday, as probably did not escape your notice, was a very hot day. I went out around lunchtime & took my camera, but it was too hot for me. Walking was tough. My shoes were sticking to the blistering tarmac, and even sitting down required effort to stay comfortable. I couldn’t think straight and everything was just bright, so I gave up, drank a sugary fizzy drink in the shade and went home. No one was really around. Only mad dogs and Englishmen. And me.

But later that day, on my way to meet my husband Matt at Dario’s for a BBQ, I took my camera and thanks to everyone I met, I got an insight into other people’s day. By then, the heat was just right. And the atmosphere was at a sweet spot. Work was done for the day and everyone knew the sunlight was sticking around for longer than any other day of the year. Nice.

#streetphotography #totterdown #bedminster #portraits #hottestday

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