Brintage: Amy Dyer

This post is about Amy, a textile designer and macramé maker, and well, I don’t really need to say much more as I’ll let Amy do the talking! After all, the idea is that once you’ve read her answers to 5 questions and had a glimpse behind the scenes, you’ll feel like you know a Bristol maker a little bit better!

Independent makers are a rare and special breed. They work on their own thing, in their own way, and often behind closed doors. That's why this photo shoot is all about shining a light on the maker: to spread the word, satisfy the curious & share the passion. If you're a maker who has a story to tell, get in touch to see the photo packages I offer: 07503 145 493.

But before you read on, let me just assure any doubters - macramé may be part of the retro/vintage/nostalgia trip, but it’s no slave to the 70s! Amy’s combination of geometric shapes, clean lines, dying techniques & colour choices bring it bang up-to-date. As well as the more natural look (like you’ll see in the photos) Amy uses modern materials too, which really adds an edge. So after reading the blog, there’s plenty more to see…

For ideas, tips and new listings have a look at Amy’s Facebook page: @brintage

& Instagram: @shopbrintage

Amy sells & takes commissions on Etsy: Shop Brintage

You can also pick up her macramé plant hangers plus a suitably dangling plant at the Cargo containers at Whapping Wharf in the Mighty Quinns Flower Emporium

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