Five things the Bristol Farmers’ & Producers’ market brings to the city centre

Going to St Nick’s yesterday for the re-launch of the Farmers’ & Producers’ Market reminded me that Corn Street is a great place to be – and it doesn’t matter if you’ve got a lot of time or not much. I used to work nearby and sometimes I’d go there in my lunch break. Even half an hour was enough to switch off from work, soak in the atmosphere and fill up on something delicious. Add to that the Farmers’ market on a Wednesday and work seemed a long way away. Not that I was ever late back of course.

Outside the Exchange building, and now further along under the trees on Wine Street, stall holders the market sets up every Wednesday. And they mean every Wednesday. The fish stall holder told me how they’d come no matter what the weather because they don’t want to disappoint their regulars. And I met just such a customer who said she’d been coming to the Farmers’ market for 15 years. I noticed she had a carrier on wheels, fully loaded. She’s not messing about.

That area of Bristol has got great history, too, and I like it because it has the type of history that hasn’t been pickled and preserved to the point where people are afraid to touch it. It’s a busy street where dedicated and opportune market goers weave amongst bikes, prams, wheelchairs and scooters – all in front of stone columned buildings, traders sculpture, Narnia style street lamps, and old brass nails.

For a snap shot into what the area was like Paul Townsend’s Flikr stream is a mine of information and images like this one:

Corn street

Funnily enough, according to Paul’s write up, the Bush pub, which stood opposite the Exchange until 1854, was a place at election times where there would be ‘celebrations of victories, meetings and assemblies of various descriptions’. Well, we'll wake up tomorrow to who's celebrating and who's commiserating!

Which reminds me, must go vote...

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