5 voices & 5 scenes from Bristol's march to defend education

The march was yesterday and I've already got that nagging feeling - do protests actually make a difference? The problem is that once you get to the point where you have to protest, key decisions that are detrimental to the cause you're trying to protect have already been made. Will policies made by politicians in Westminster change over night and funding cuts be revisited tomorrow? No.

But a protest sure does feel good. If you went on Saturday, maybe its because you'd read, heard or felt first-hand the effects of the funding cuts to education or are dreading at the idea of further cuts. And maybe you oppose the policy for reasons political, philosophical, intellectual, or even just plain practical. And maybe, because you've been watching it go in the wrong direction for years, you thought this could be a way to make your voice heard. You decided to take a stand. And it just so happens, quite a few other people did too. Well, that can feel pretty good.

So this post is an attempt to make their stand last a little bit longer.

Plus, with the election coming up, it's even more important to stop and think about who you're giving your support to and why.

Summary of NUT's beef with current cuts: https://www.bristol247.com/news-and-features/news/rally-criminal-cuts-bristols-schools/

Short article about how Head teachers feel about school funding


Article about the cuts (and always interesting to read people's comments too)


A comparison of manifesto pledges


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