It's Yerba Mate, mate.

Here’s a quick caffeine fuelled blast of what the South American drink, Yerba Mate, is all about. I spent a year in South America, mostly in Santiago, Chile, so this brings back good memories.

To get all you need to make Mate go to the family run Gloucester road health food shop & cafe:

La Ruca

And if this review is anything to go by then forget the mate and just go:

"This is a wicked little health food store and cafe with a Chilean twist. It's run by an uber-friendly family who have worked out exactly what their local customers are after and successfully catered for that niche. There's a good range of products for people with skin complaints- dead sea and aloe vera skin care items as well as a variety of health foods. They stock the lovely Pukka teas, Ecover cleaning items and dried fruits and grains by the bag. But the piece de resistance here is the little cafe which serves mouthwatering burritos, shakes, big hearty breakfasts and a range of wraps and sandwiches. There is a big vegetarian thrust so a good place to bring the veggies for a feast."


More reviews here:

Facebook page:

More links below or double click on the pics for your guide on drinking Mate...

There is also gin infused with yerba mate, just so you know:

This guy does compare yerba to Merlot (pushing it there), but he also compares yerba from different South American countries which is quite interesting.

Here’s a good step by step guide to making it:

Yerba Mate teabags anyone?:

Health benefits of antioxidant teas:

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