5 reasons to go and see Bob, Brunel's Other Bridge

I’ve got a lot of affection for Brunel’s other bridge, or Bob for short. I was there in March to witness the first of the turntable’s wheels being removed.

The task ahead of the team (which on that day was Geoff (work supervisor), David, Bob, Martyn, Sal, Maggie and Matt) seemed like one of those moments when you’re moving into a new house and you look at your sofa, and then look at the door and think, ‘This isn't going to happen’. But it did. They managed to shift the 300kg wheel with the aid of a gantry, trestle, rollers and a bit of elbow grease. Most impressive.

But I shouldn’t have doubted it since the team consists of professionals from structural, bridge and marine engineering, an engineering historian and a consultant metalwork conservator. Also, Maggie has an amazing red car.

The catalogue of pictures that the team keep are fantastic and well worth a look:


But in the meantime here is my photo blog post on 5 reasons to go and see Bob.

Brunel's other bridge
Brunel's other bridge
Brunel's other bridge

Brunel's other bridge

Brunel's other bridge

Brunel's other bridge

Brunel's other bridge

Terrible pun to end on there but there you go.

Also mentioned in the post:

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Nova Scotia – to quote a review on Facebook: ‘Proper little boozer, decent beers, food and reasonable prices. Great location too.’


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