5 in-between shots from a BOXING YOGA photo shoot

I had never heard of Boxing Yoga before Lisa Hampstead got in touch , so I thought I better try out a class before taking pictures - like a method actor would ;) . Lisa was doing a pop up class at Wild Wolf's Yoga Studio on St Nicholas' Street so I went along. I learnt two things, Boxing Yoga is like the dark side of yoga (and I mean that in a good way), and I would like to live in the Wild Wolf's studio.

wild wolf's yoga studio

Wild Wolf's Yoga studio is the work of sisters Jess and Steph, and how they refurbished the building oozes calmness and well being. The challenge was making my poses look as good as the room!

Okay, so I realised that my yoga skills aren't the best (in fact, I can't remember the last time I did yoga), but Lisa has what you want in coach - she's encouraging and approachable, talking you through each move with confidence and skill, and she makes the moves look strong and, well, like something I want to be able to do. So if you want to develop your yoga skills to have added oomph, then Boxing yoga is for you. And just to answer an obvious question - you don't punch anyone!

boxing yoga

Boxingyoga is Yoga based training system (inspired by Asthanga Vinyasa Flow) devised at Total Boxer Gym in London specifically to meet the needs of Boxers. The aim is to develop core strength, increase flexibility in the hips and shoulders (reversing the tight closed posture of Boxers) as well as developing over all fitness and mental strength.

At the moment, Lisa has regular classes in Nailsea at another fantastic location - a tithe barn, and the location of another photo shoot!

The following 5 'out takes' were from one Monday in Bedminster. It was a really fun shoot and to see the results of it, follow what Lisa's up to on Instagram Lisa_Hampstead

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