5 steps to Wild Garlic

Finding wild garlic isn't rocket science (and I don't want to tell anyone how to suck eggs), but it's easy to forget that tasty, nutritious and ultra fresh food doesn't have to come from a well cared for allotment - nature's bounty can be right under your nose!

I went for this wild garlic forage with the ever inspirational, knowledge laden and real food champion, Lorna Knapman, creator of Love Food Festival. I've known Lorna since she started Love Food, and her enthusiasm, passion and ability to make ideas sparkle never fails to rub off on me...like glitter. In fact, like GOLD glitter!

Lorna spoke about way more than I could ever have possibly fitted into this humble 5 simple steps to finding wild garlic. Her holistic approach to food, which connects the nutrients and vitality in the soil to the love and care that goes into honestly made food and, of course, to the pure pleasure of eating and sharing it, is well worthy of a 500 page book!

Consider this a foreword...

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