Y#ourNHS march: 5 voices and 5 scenes

I had never been on a march. Missed the anti war one. Can’t remember why.

The NHS is an easy cause to support, though, (which makes the dire straits it’s in even more worrying) and I was bored of just reading about it, talking about it and getting het up about it. It’s the underhandedness of the Government that disturbs me, and how they are listening to business, not people.

Anyway (before I get irate again) we caught the coach up with the Bristol People’s Assembly which was really well organised, so thank you to them for getting me off my arse and into Parliament square!




It also really added to the experience to hear stories from people about why they were there, so I owe a thanks to them too, but there are literally thousands of more stories! http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-39166247

Anyway, here’s what I saw and heard…

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