5 very Tudor Pancake Day facts

I went to Easton – as did BBC Points West news it turns out! - to an event organised by Taylor Aucoin about Shrove Tuesday in Tudor times; a very fascinating, fun and friendly event. Although, some facts about how pancake day was 'celebrated' were a little disturbing like bear and bull baiting, cock threshing and dog tossing. I kid you not.

Makes our Pancake Day seem a tad flat in comparison, doesn't it? They even put ale and ginger in their pancakes. Oh well, probably for the best that times have moved on...

To find out more about Taylor’s research:


To see a modern day shrovetide Football match:


To have your very own Tudor reenactment in your front room or somewhere more spacious: http://www.passamezzo.biz/index.html

To know how much energy you use when flipping a pancake (as well as to read about research being done into how to use technology to stay healthy at home):


For the link to the the news report:


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