• Rebecca Noakes

Some things are worth waiting for

Yesterday did not go to plan. I went to Weston-Super-Mare for a job. I had the kit, the notes from our meetings about what to capture, and the link on my phone for the plans and site pics for reference. It was a job I was looking forward to – two great clients and an interesting project.

But when I got there, I realised pretty quickly that at least two thirds of the photos on the shot list would not be possible. I know a shot list isn’t written in stone – some photos may not be possible because of weather or an unforeseeable, and equally other photos may not be on the list because they weren’t, well, foreseen. The list can change. But not by this much and especially as I could see how some of the key features of the project would be, at best, invisible and at worst, poorly represented.

So having established with the occupiers that a new date could be arranged, I got in touch with my clients and outlined the issue. They were happy to postpone and I was happy that we didn’t force an ‘OK’ job for the sake of a week or so especially as it's not far from Bristol where I'm based.

Some things are worth waiting for.

It also meant I got an unexpected free morning. So I did what everyone else was doing. I walked along the beach to check out the SEE MONSTER.

I’d heard and read bits about it so was intrigued. It didn’t disappoint. There’s a viewing platform so you can get quite close and there are lots of people on hand to give you information. I was 'on brand' with my choice of coloured top so I even got asked a few questions. Ok, someone asked me where the toilet was :) It was great to see the palms on the back wall hinting at the hazy days of its previous life as the Tropicana.

There were other unexpected sightings too. This street art is by Irony, a true master of photo realism, and someone we've got to know because he painted the front of our house during Upfest in 2018.

The Silica below is, I was told by a passing long term dweller of Weston-super-Mare , nicknamed the Carrot. I asked if the lights on it worked. She said she didn't know, 'I can't remember the last time I went out in the dark!'. Someone on Trip advisor made the comment 'It looks like a cross between a Hindu temple and a phone mast'. Got a point. It was designed by artists Wolfgang Buttress and Fiona Heron, and installed in 2006.

Weston-SUPER-Mare, you're full of surprises and have buildings full of potential. Definitely, definitely worth coming back to, with a bucket and spade.