The way I work

I like working with people who love what they do. I like hearing their story, learning about what they do and understanding where they want it to go. This helps me to get the pictures that will help them grow their business or creative practice. 


How I deliver a cost effective package

Put simply, the more information I have, the more cost effective the shoot can be. Whatever your budget, it's really important that the images work for you, so tell me about what you want the pictures to achieve and we can work together to make a shot list that will fulfil your needs and maximise your return. I always give a detailed quote so you know what you're getting for how much. 

I think the best working relationships start with a chat. 

If you think the same, why not get in touch and see how I can help.        07503  145 493

About me

I know the exact moment I fell for photography. 

It was a dark and stormy night. No, not really. It was 2007; I was sitting in a cafe having a morning coffee and doing some work. I looked up to see a woman on the table opposite, eating cereal, very genteelly. She had a crown of white grey hair and wore lipstick. I liked the scene so took a picture and got back to my work. When I looked up again, the woman had gone; instead, a lady with a very similar style sat in her place. She was around the same age, but a scarf this time, stylishly thrown over a shoulder, and a newspaper instead of breakfast. I took a picture again. Two shots. Two women. Two moments. I kept moving between the two photos on the back of my point and shoot camera. That's when something clicked. There are moments like that all the time. Unrecorded, it's just life - sometimes quiet, sometimes noisy, but always passing by. Frieze framed at the right time, it becomes a document that tells a story we can look back on again and again. I liked that idea, so I went to find some more. 

After that, I learnt as much as I could when I could along side other jobs. I assisted, shadowed and covered until I started getting paid jobs of my own. I sought inspiration from wherever I could, catalogued photo books and went back to film to sharpen my skills. I then took the plunge to make this my profession. I soon found that my interests were twofold. Built environments and how people go about their business. Basically, I'm nosy and love seeing behind the scenes and hearing people's stories. I'm also a big fan of people's interaction with buildings and spaces and how over time they are added to, changed or replaced. It wasn't the conventional route to get here, and I'm not finished yet, but I certainly like the view so far. 

As Ameila Earhart said, 'The most effective way to do it, is to do it.' 

Two portraits




Terje, Broke and Tipple

Really pleased with all your work, in the process of uploading it all to my Etsy page at the moment. Difficult to choose the cover photo! 

Elle, Bristol Pilates Studio

Rebecca is superb at both taking photos and helping you relax whilst being photographed. I've been working with her regularly and have more shoots booked in. Really impressed with the ideas she comes up with and locations that she takes me too. 

Lisa, Boxing Yoga Coach

The overall communication and help with sorting the advert etc was brilliant and I'm totally thrilled with the pictures !!

Adesanya, Gloucester

Rebecca did a wonderful job for me. The photo shots are highly professional and this has helped my business. Pretty and attractive photos that helped conversions. Very easy and convenient to communicate with Rebecca. I will surely use her service again.

Ian, Penny Brohn

Thank you so much for all your work at such short notice on Saturday. The shots we’ve received are all excellent.

Donna, Simon Sweeps

I was so pleased with the photos that Rebecca took for my chimney sweeping business - the shots have made such a difference to the Facebook page, it looks 100 x more professional and will be great for the website and leaflet I'm producing. 

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